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Nature Stories

This page is dedicated you and your connection to nature, and it’s always nice to share a story. 


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20 March 2020

Annesley Downey N.I.

I am letting you know about the pair of robins in my garden who now follow me around as I do various jobs and prepare for Spring. I have fed these two (I think they must be a couple because they are always together) throughout winter with mealworms and they come to the kitchen window sill. 


If I go up the garden to dig, of course they will appear to feed upon the upturned soil, but they will stay around anyway while I go from one part of the garden to another, coming right up to me and looking for food right around my water boots. 


I have a garden hose and its casing just to the side of the kitchen window and beside it is the kitchen door I use to go out the back for my compost bin and up to the garden. This week I noticed the robins landing on the paving at the back door before coming up to the window sill. Then, there one morning was one of the robins with nest material in its beak down on the paving. It disappeared, then reappeared a while later with more material and disappeared again.


There was a nest being built within the very robin like nesting site as part of the casing for my garden hose. A whole layer of greenery went in, as far as I could see into the casing. Wonderful, absolutely wonderful thing to happen.


So, something in me decided to try something. Now these birds are really used to me I feel. They don’t fly off when I open the kitchen window to put mealworms out on the window sill. They come regularly when I come downstairs first thing in the morning. They see me through the window and are looking in for me to feed them. They come to the ridge at the back door and then onto the kitchen mat inside the door to be fed.


The next time they came I went out with mealworms in my palm and held out my hand for them to feed. And yes they landed on my hand. So light, you can hardly feel them, and you can’t feel their beak at all when they lift a worm. No panic either from me or them as several worms are taken before they fly away.


I know it’s not uncommon for robins to do this but when it happens to you it is beyond beautiful.

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