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Staying connected

The view point at the top of the hill from where I live is magnificent! The walk uphill to get to it takes about 35 minutes, enough time to feel that I’ve blown away some cobwebs. But today I was distracted and spent the journey dealing with work issues that needed my attention. I was still talking on my phone when I reached the top where the early morning sun was showing it’s face and it’s gentle September heat.

I ended my call and switched off for some precious moments of just being; the sun, the warmth, the view-all glorious. It was then whilst taking in a deep inhale that the smell of the air hit me. A blast of earthy undertone from the forest floor mixed with hint of pine and top notes of wild blackberries mixed with the citrusy fresh smell of bracken-it was most definitely a thankful to be alive moment! Being there, connected to this beautiful forest. Perhaps the smell reminds me of the anticipation of autumn or is it Indian summers, our last hurrah? I’m not quite sure which, but it’s familiar and I want to bottle it, to take a sniff whenever I need a boost...I imagine that if I could be a perfumer, this would be my signature scent! As I’m not planning a change of career, my daily dog walk will have to be my fix. This, I know will be short lived because come October the earthy smell will overwhelm that distinct warm, fruity aroma. The citrusy leaves will turn from green to gold and fall to form a protective, mulched carpet on the forest floor.

However, back to the now; the dog and I have grazed on a few blackberries and it’s time to descend the hill to resume the serious business of work. On our way down, we come across a chap who’s stopped his mountain bike on a steep bit to text his accountant....How do I know this?? Well, the hairy boy is pleased to see the biker and bounds at him. The biker, in anticipation of being marauded, unfortunately messes up his text by pressing send too soon...oops! Of course I apologise and we joke about always being connected....So I tell him to go and take in the air at the top.

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